With more than 15 years of experience in music in general, and in a wide range of genres that make up its
musical taste, Dicosta takes alternative rock, techno and progressive as his first influence to project
His current musical line, bands like "State of panic".
great skills as guitarist and bass player; His taste for the sounds of strong strings, distortions and effects of
rock, added to the sub bass of techno, that will be created in a hybrid style, achieve a great balance and
sobriety in their productions.
The sound of Dicosta is enriched with a variety of industrial markers, dry and dark drum kits
Combinations of progressive melodies.
Influenced by artists such as Popoof, Jimmie Jules, Víctor Ruiz, Ritch Mitchell, Dub Fire, Vaud Rivera, Acid Pauly,
Lucio Aquilina, Luigi Madonna, Marco Dassi among others, and accompanied by his skills for execution, his point
Sight and love Music and music and national and international projection
within the industry.
Since the beginning of his career as a producer in 2013, he has collaborated with different artists, collectives and labels in
Medellín, and the world as Plug in Recordings (Medellin), Miracles Music (Ukraine), Gaia Sound (Italy), Rhythmics
(Medellín), Lunary (Pereira), Soul Music (Pereira), bullet Records (Bogotá); and I have to release singles like "Nigga
Kitty "," An astronaut in my arm "," Sonar "," Doomsday "," Moxa "among others, having associations with local artists
Like Sci, Machin-Gun, MattH, Mauro Pierotti, Peregrino Amatista, Andres Galeano, Suzerquia to name a few.
Driven by his passion for music, Dicosta founds Silent Space Records in 2016 with which he has released different
Compilations and solo works such as "Beginnins" (2017), "Coming Thru" (2017), "Reflections" (2018) and "Between Us

 "(2018). opening doors and sharing concerts with artists of high national and international level as
Antigone, Opuswerk, Shinedu, Industrilayzer, Gotshell, Ignorance T, Magdalena du Juco, Juli Monsalve, Kevin Villa,
Vci, in places like The Tunnel (Pereira), Mute (Medellin), Heradfrom (Medellin), Happy Buddha (Medellín), BPM
(Pereira) and Selina (Medellín).
At present, he plays a personal role in the execution of his project.
Dijing and on the other hand in his staging "Live Act" by the hand of Peregrino Amatista with whom he takes the direction and
control of the collective and record label Silent Space Records

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