Born in the city of Medellín, but since he was 4 he lived in el Peñol where he studied the whole school and graduated with a technical media in commerce. From a very young age he was attracted to electronic music since a neighbor listened to a lot of dance from the 90s. A few years later he listened to artists like Paul van dik, potter, Armin van Buuren and fell in love with the trance music of that time. Then I move to Medellín where I start to attend several parties in the city and I enter the genre of house, and ceiling, but it was after several festivals where techno becomes their favorite genre. Start a dream of creating a record label with a cousin and a friend who would be dedicated to produce music and my role to play would be the manager. With experience in business for own projects, I take risks for them to make them known and thus find the necessary contacts to be able to take the silent space project forward.

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Medellin - Colombia

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