Colombian borned, Buenos Aires,(ARG) Based.  Andres Galeano has developed a unique personal style driven by the inner decision he made early on his life to dedicate his existence into music.

He started clubbing since 2004, mainly at Carnival Nicht Club in Medellin, Colombia listening to Big Minimal Djs like Xpansul, Camea, Tony Rohr, Alexi Delano and  Guido Schneider.

In his earliest approaches to music in the decade on 2000 Galeano started learning how to mix records, but only by the year of  2009  realized he had found a new passion in the music kingdom: Learning how to produce music.

In 2012 his personal explorations allowed him to create and release his first EP in a worldwide scenario. After this discovery and path, Galeano has shaped his sensitivity and perception into high quality & creative tracks for recognized label such as Similar Records, Natura Viva, Musik Xpress among others, as well showing remarkable skills perpetuated on his music, achieving recognition for his work from  artists like Joan Roca & Tim Le Funk.

Every accomplishment achieved before 2016 where all results of the empiric exploration he went through, but by 2016  he wanted more, so he dedicated to merge (Complete) his knowledge and curiosity into a higher level of awareness, writing his destiny into a new road, he officially started to pursue a  Sound Technician and Music Production Degree in TAMABA Music Academy and as well in 2017 he received an Ableton course.

The style he applies to his mixes and productions is reflected as a solid and thick sound, influenced by dark and experimental frequencies which brings reminiscence of vintage music to he’s creations ; orchestrated by the power of classical 90´s old school drums and instrumentals.

Know days Galeano has made a transition from house music to heavy Techno music that lead him to an open new perspective on music and its dimensions, continuing  to work tirelessly on new music, focused on the constant creation of grooves that keep the dance floor burning in joy.

His explorations into this knew path constructed his recent musical releases through Silent Space Records label he co-founded on 2018 and is know representing in Argentina.

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Medellin - Colombia

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